Charity in Hastings since the 13th century


The Magdalen and Lasher Charity General Grants Committee may make grants to:-

  • Persons in need, hardship or distress provided that they have lived in the Borough of Hastings for at least three years.
  • Organisations dealing directly with need, hardship and distress for the residents of the Borough of Hastings.

Applications for grants to pay-off debts or to contribute to the cost of mini-buses are not permitted.

Normally grants to organisations will be for one-off specific projects and all grants awarded are to be paid within the year approved.

The Charity requires that other obvious sources of relief, e.g. social services, have been approached prior to submitting a grant application.

Applications by individuals will normally be subjected to some form of means testing and should normally be supported by one of the following agencies and preferably in circumstances where the agency is working with the applicant or has direct knowledge of the applicant:

  • HARC
  • East Sussex County Council Social Services
  • Hastings and Rother Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Any school – for school uniforms and assistance towards educational visits.

For more information and if you would like an application form please Contact us.

For more information about Grant Guidelines:

Policy Digest of the Charity