The Magdalen & Lasher Charity

The Charity Today

Today the Magdalen & Lasher Charity and The Magdalen & Lasher Educational Foundation are administered from Old Hastings House.

There is a maximum of 15 Trustees and five executive committees:-


The Trustees include ex-officio appointments held by the Rector and four churchwardens of the Parish of St Clement and All Saints, three Borough Councillors nominated by Hastings Borough Council for a period of three years, and up to seven Trustees who have been co-opted for a period of five years (renewable). The Trustees elect their Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Committee Chairmen and Committee Members annually.

The Charity works closely with HARC (Hastings Advice and Representation Centre) and funds the services of an outreach worker who visits pensioners and other beneficiaries of the Charity’s activities. The Charity also supports the provision of Universal Credit and other benefits advice at HARC and at drop-in centres around the Borough. In addition, the Charity liaises with local sponsoring agencies such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, BHT and Xtrax when supporting local families and individuals through the provision of Grant awards.