Charity in Hastings since the 13th century

Pensions & Outreach Service


The Trustees elect pensioners twice each year, in January and July, following interviews held at Old Hastings House in November and May.

Election is for three years and at the end of that period a renewal application form is required to be completed. If applicants are still in need, then their pension is renewed for a further three years and every three years thereafter, following a similar procedure.

Pensioners must have lived in the Borough of Hastings for at least seven years and be over the age of 65 years.

Pensions are paid quarterly in the first week of January, April, July and October.

The payment is set to a level that will not affect any state benefits being received. The payments are currently £90 for individuals per quarter and £60 each for couples.

More information about the Pension Scheme can be found in the Charity’s Policy Digest.

Outreach Service

The Charity employs the services of a Visitor from HARC (Hastings Advice & Representation Centre) who visits pensioners and other members of the local community who may require help and advice with regards to benefits and other forms of entitlement.

The Visitor can also act as a sponsor for Grant applicants.